About Me

Born in London, raised in New Zealand and currently living in Germany, change and travel have always been a part of my life. I teach a gorgeous class of seven year olds from all over the world and live with my travel buddy and boyfriend, Max.  When I’m not in the classroom I’m either enjoying a new country or a good book, often both.

This blog is to share information, tips, recommendations and ideas about the places I’ve been, things I’ve seen and the books that have joined me along the way.


Where I’ve Been

I’ve travelled to almost 50 countries in Europe, Central America, South East Asia and the Pacific. I’ve travelled alone, with my family, friends, my boyfriend and strangers. I’ve hitchhiked, used budget airlines, taken overnight buses and trains and a plethora of other transportation means. I’ve spent months backpacking and been on weekend getaways. I travel on a budget and like to avoid busy tourist areas and overpriced attractions. Good food, good views and good company are what I look for in every travel experience.


Where I’m Going

Doing my best to travel around a full time job this year at the moment so have a trip to Cyprus booked for February and plans for Kazakhstan in April. We will be using the rest of our holidays to experience some smaller parts of Western Europe before we head off on THE BIG ONE.

In July we will leave ‘real life’ and take our van across Eastern Europe towards Turkey. We will sell the van at some point and continue on through Georgia, Azerbijahn and Iran. Then find a way across to India and continue through South East Asia. We will then find a flight to somewhere in South America and spend a while there exploring until our money runs out. Finally we will get a flight back to NZ to begin the saving process again. All of the above is subject to change but join us as we save, plan and begin our epic journey!

Contact Details

Email: rohan@travelsofabookpacker.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/travelsofabookpacker

Pintrest: https://de.pinterest.com/bookpacker/